Empower your DX strategies with actionable data.

Leverage live app performance, easy-to-use KPI dashboards, user behavior mapping, API performance, funnel analysis, and much more across devices.

Web dashboard view displaying data metrics on bar graphs, pie graphs, line graphs, KPIs

KPI Dashboard

Monitor KPI performance with an easy-to-use dashboard and interactive charts that make your job easier.

Web dashboard view displaying data metrics on bar graphs, donut graphs, top five list, session length graphs

Live Data​

Access data from the last 24 hours on your top KPIs.​

Detailed view of web dashboard showing line graph, list bar graph, and table view of complete data selected


Monitor network operations for any errors or crashes.​

Web dashboard screenshot displaying several KPI metrics, line, bar, and horizontal bar graphs

App Metrics​

Gain actionable insight into app usage, app ratings, and updates.​


Strengthen your mobile strategy with precise user data. Relay provides a live, insightful look into the full user experience, allowing for robust and data-driven strategies.

App Mapping

Gain visual insight into how users are navigating through your app.

Funnel Library

Customize how you view and measure the user journey.

System Health

Capture and monitor API performance along with crash data.

User Analytics

Collect analytics on new and active users, user retention, session length, and more.

Vehicle Analytics

View CV enrollment statuses, CV feature usage, and VIN registration within your app.

Web dashboard view displaying data metrics on bar graphs, donut graphs, top features

Add to Favorites

Save your favorited tabs for quick access to your most valued data.


Designed to blend seamlessly into the full suite of Station products for marketing insights, API performance, and string management supported by data

Inside the Companion App​

Access the same functionality as the Relay web portal in an
easy-to-use mobile format.

Two mobile phone screens from Relay companion app displaying weekly app report, ratings, reviews, line graph and filters.

KPI Push Notifications​

Receive alerts informing you about KPI changes and updates.  ​

Message Inbox​

Avoid missing an alert by accessing all push notification messages through your inbox. ​

Convenience Without Compromise​

Access a full range of analytics on your smartphone without data being condensed. ​


We consider your business needs. Relay offers an incomparable experience for your business with customizable analytics to fit your industry.

Data At Your Fingertips​

Have access to the entire Relay dashboard from the convenience of your mobile device.​

3rd Party Integration​

Using seamless 3rd party integrations with CRM, app performance, and other platforms, Relay allows for a new level of collaboration and project management.

Built By And For The DX Generation ​

Expand your insight beyond web-based analytics. Relay was built to ingest modern mobile usage data today and build what is possible for tomorrow.

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